The Five Ws of Tuscany

5 Questions, 5 Replies, 5 reasons to visit Tuscany!

Holidays in Tuscany – Information about Tuscany

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Tuscany should neither require an introduction nor further praise or detail regarding its cultural richness, its culinary tradition or its magical atmosphere. So how can one emphasize its beauty and invite you to visit Florence, Siena, Chianti and the Versilia?

We decided, that before sharing our one-thousand and one experiences of a holiday in Tuscany with you, we would answer the historical five Ws and provide you with a summary of Italy’s best known region worldwide, as objectively and journalistically as possible, so to say.

5 questions about Tuscany for your next holiday!

Photo Credits: #instatuscany

WHO? (in Italian «Chi?»)

Tuscany is one of 20 Italian regions, number 13 among the best destinations in the world according to Trip Advisor and number 1 of the Top Best Wine Destinations in 2012. Furthermore, Tuscany is the land of Dante, Da Vinci and Benigni; the ‘Bistecca alla fiorentina’ grilled steak, Chianti and Cantucci-biscuit.


WHAT? (in Italian «Cosa?»)

All of its 22994 km².
From its cities of fine art to the Maremma, from the Versilia to the Tuscan Archipelago, from festivals to feasts, and all of this without missing out on the many wine tours. When posing the question of, "What is there to visit in Tuscany", it is not an exaggeration to say that it is worthwhile visiting each one of the territory’s km ².


WHEN? (in Italian «Quando?»)

All year round.
In summer and spring, under a blanket of snow in winter and surrounded by leaves rustling under your feet during fall; or during harvest and at the time of the feverish preparations for Tuscany’s un-missable events – Tuscany can be lived and discovered in every month of the year and will never disappoint.


WHERE? (in Italian «Dove?»)

Situated in central Italy – with its regional capital FlorenceTuscany borders 5 other Italian regions: Liguria, Emilia-Romagna, the Marches, Umbria and Lazio delimit its territory from the north-west down to its most southern parts. The Tuscan coasts are bathed by both, the Ligurian and the Tyrrhenian Sea, which in turn embrace the Tuscan Archipelago with its seven major and some minor islands.


WHY? (in Italian «Perché?»)

A unique, ironic and at the same time brilliant response to this “why” had been given by Roberto Benigni – the Tuscan doc per se – during one of his shows: What would Italy be without Tuscany? The Emilia Romagna would collide with Umbria, Liguria would slide into Lazio: there would be a total reversal of everything!

 Holidays in Tuscany – Information about Tuscany

Photo Credits#instatuscany


For now, that’s all from the editors of CharmingTuscany

We would like to invite you to share your imaginative, poetic and personal responses to the 5 Ws of Tuscany... because we agree with you: a place that you love becomes even more beautiful when one talks about it and personalises it through one’s own experiences and point of view.


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