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A relais in the most beautiful countryside in the world

Villa Armena, Tuscany: a special Hotel review by Edoardo Giacone

Villa Armena Relais - Buonconvento, Tuscany

It was exciting to transcribe Edoardo’s words, with his wife, the owner and operator of Villa Armena, a private residence immersed in what he describes as the most beautiful countryside in the world.

If you are planning to visit the Siena hills and you do not want just a holiday but an authentic Tuscan experience, I suggest you continue reading.

Villa Armena is undoubtedly a building with historic charm and breathtaking views, but this diary entry is able to convey those extra sensations, those nuances that make it unique in the world. And I like to think that added to the personality and memories of Edoardo and his wife, the soul of the Armenian Villa, are also those of every single guest who has had the pleasure of staying at their private residence.

Here you are an abstract of a page from his diary, where he tells us how it all began…

“Despite what we found ourselves in front of was far from a Renaissance villa and total abandonment reigned all around, the three of us thought the same thing: 'Here we are... this will be our home!'. I still get goose bumps when I think about it. It was great that something which until just a moment before had been merely a dream, little more than a joke, has turned instead into a life project, a real goal.

It was my wife who redesigned the entire villa and there was no need to use any other source of inspiration. Villa Armena today is a reflection of what we like, our tastes, our habits. It is a perfect blend of our personalities. Read more on CharmingItaly.com

A special thanks to Edoardo Giacone and his wife, who will be glad to welcome you at Villa Armena Relais.





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