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CharmingTuscany.com is an online tour operator that specializes in holidays in Tuscany. It carries deep knowledge of the area and of the travel industry with it, which it has gained through over 30 years of experience; not only regarding Tuscany, but the entire boot-shaped country.

However, something else was needed…a different medium, a different channel through which one could tell, share, and communicate everything about this master copy of ‘a place you should  visit at least once in your life’.


CharmingTuscany.com: The BLOG!

3 reasons to start a travel blog:

•because going on vacation is definitely one of the Top 5 most anticipated moments of the year

•because a well-deserved vacation deserves to be perfect

•because first-hand experiences are among the most useful and practical things to be shared with others, especially if the topic in question is OUR vacation.


3 reasons for why we chose Tuscany:

•because we discover it bit by bit and it still surprises us 

•because none of us bloggers was born in Tuscany and we CHOSE it as a second home after long trips around the world

•because a joke in the Tuscan dialect, some Cantucci biscuits and a glass of Chianti are the best daily care!


The bloggers

Silvia Cartotto
She was born in 1986, she comes from Piemonte and she is a passionate travel blogger on thegirlwiththesuitcase.com.
She is a copywriter for an importan italian fashion company, but her dream is spend her life writing and travelling.

Amy Lucinda
Amy Lucinda was born in a small town in Worcestershire in the UK, but now lives and works in southern Italy. It took her a while to get here though, as her persistent wanderlust has sent her around the world and back, to places such as New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand and Kenya. Now settled in Puglia (for now, at least!) Amy Lucinda spends her days teaching English, indulging in decadent gelato and enjoying many cups of strong Italian coffee. She has by no means given up travelling though, and loves to spend her free time touring Italy and of course, writing about her adventures (find her at sunshineandtomatoes.blogspot.it). Her favourite town in Tuscany? San Gimignano; the town of fine towers. Perhaps it has something to do with their delicious saffron ice cream…?

Natalia Baeza is a traveler at heart:  born in Colombia, she has lived most of her life in the United States and is a citizen of both countries, though she prefers to think of herself as a citizen of the world.  She has also lived in England for 6 months and in Germany for a year and a half.  In 2012, her love of Italy (and of an Italian) brought her to Florence, where she now lives and works as a researcher in philosophy at the University of Florence.  Not surprisingly, Natalia's favorite activities include traveling, encountering new experiences, and learning new languages.  She did, however, find the time between travels to earn a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Notre Dame, and enjoys spending most of the time when she is not "on the road" reading and writing philosophy.

Born in 1982, the boundaries of her island Sardinia sometimes feel a little too tight, making her travel all across Europe; nonetheless she graduated with Honors. 
Silvia speaks English and Spanish, yet no language as good as her mother tongue Italian. 
Compulsive reader, sea-dependent and a geek inside; lover of caps and hats, as if they were a way to keep your thoughts, ideas and dreams warm.
In 2010 she found the job of her life, working on the web and within the world of travel, but based in Sardinia, Silvia is always the first one to volunteer for a trip to Tuscany, where she dreams of buying a house in Versilia. 




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