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April in Tuscany: the best events in Florence and Pisa

What to do in Florence and Pisa in April? Here you are a list of events you can choose to participate during this month


April in Tuscany: the best events in Florence

1.    The bursting of the cart (called by the Florentines "Brindellone") is a traditional festival, and one of the most famous and crowded festival in Florence, which takes place on Easter Sunday (20th April this year). It is also one of the oldest traditions. What is it? A decorated cart is pulled by oxen from Piazzale di Porta al Prato to the Piazza del Duomo. Here there are hundreds of fireworks and explosions for about 20 minutes. The fires are ignited by a dove, that is a rocket with the appearance of a white pigeon: the dove must go back to the main altar, from where it has started, otherwise the harvest of the year will not have good wishes.

2.    The International Handicrafts Trade Fair is one of the largest exhibitions of handicraft products in Italy. At the Fortezza da Basso, near the station of Santa Maria Novella in Florence, you can find national and international exhibitors (24th April 24 – 1st May).

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3.    Another one of the most appreciated events by the Florentines is the White Night. Throughout the day until dawn there will be exhibitions, outdoor performances, concerts and special openings at the museums (30th April).




April in Tuscany: the best events in Pisa

4.    The Kite Festival (at his 46th edition) will be on 27th April in San Miniato (near Pisa): the appointment for all “aquilonari” of Italy is at the Tower Federiciana (La Rocca). There will be the historical procession from the Palace Roffia (Conti Street), with the participation of the Company musicians and flag bearers. Finally, there will be also the throw of three hot air balloons in Piazza del Duomo, full of symbolic messages of peace to end a wonderful day, like in a fairy tale.

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 Photo Credits: Silvia Cartotto

Have you ever go to one of these events? Share with us your photos and your experience!
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