December in Tuscany

What can you expect in Tuscany for Christmas Holiday?

Christmas Holiday in Tuscany

December is a festive month in Italy and, even in December, Tuscany is never a ghost region. It is the land of art and of amazing food, full in events and, for one reason to another, La Toscana is an ideal travel destination all year round, without exceptions.

Generally December is considered a peak season, but in the largest towns the museums are less empty of tourists than summertime. Actually, what you will find are cities, towns and villages dressed up for Christmas. First of all, there are the holidays, secondly the markets, third the decorations, fourth the delicious Panforte Christmas dessert. The last month of the year is the right period to find the best chestnuts and mushrooms and you should not miss one of the moving Christmas concerts as the one which take place in the cathedral of Siena.

December 8th traditionally marks the time when people start decorating the house for the Christmas holidays and the opening of most Christmas markets. Snowfalls are rare, and if snow, it rarely sticks for more than a day or two. In general, you should not expect a white Christmas… The days will be short and cold, but with crystalline panoramic views.

Weather in Tuscany in December
Even if December marks the passage from autumn to winter and the weather depends on the geography of each area, December in Tuscany can be either relatively mild or very cold. The average temperatures range between 7°C and 13°C (44°F – 55°F) during the warmest hours of the day and above all along the coast. While the temperatures tend to be about 2°C and 4°C (35°F – 39°F) at night and above all inland. Occasionally, temperatures drop to 0°C (32°F) or below at night and, even if November is the month with the most precipitation on average, also December generally get a good amount of rain.

Please note that talking of the “weather in Tuscany”, as well as in all Italian big region, means to generalize somewhat. Once you plan where and when you're going to visiting, check the weather and average temperature, day by day.


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Tuscany Events December
Pisa Christmas Market - from 27th to 24th December, Pisa
Florence Noel Christmas Market (Unconfirmed) - December, Florence
The Cavalcade of the Magi: 6th January, Florence
Florence biennale International Contemporary Art - 30th November to 8th December, Florence
Pier Paolo Pasolini photographic exhibition - 4th December to 6th December, Siena
Siena: happy light year - 31th December, Siena



Where to holiday in Tuscany in December


Suggested Tuscany Hotels for December
Bagni di Pisa Palace and Spa
Grand Hotel Continental Siena
Palazzo del Capitano Wellness & Relais (San Quirico d'Orcia)
Campo Regio Relais (Siena)
J&J Florence (Florence)
SoprArno Suites (Florence)
Palazzo Castri 1874 (Florence)



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