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Riva Lofts Florence: a guest house for travelers

A special Hotel review by Claudio Nardi

"I want to travel the width and breadth of the world, always enjoying the journey between the two points, with all the details that I'll find in it. Claudio Nardi"

Riva Lofts - Best Hotels in Florence

Claudio Nardi is a Florentine architect who works both in public and private field, in Italy and abroad. You have surely heard of his Museum of Contemporary Art , former Schindler Factory in Krakow, Vertex Tower and Office Building in Amman and several projects still in progress for his city.

For people who work in the tourism field or if you have had the pleasure of staying at Riva Lofts Florence, Claudio Nardi is not only an architect, but also the owner and host of a fascinating guest house located about 2 km from the city center.
This is the place where his passion for architecture and the world of hospitality come together.

Here you are the incipit of a page from his diary, where he tells us how this project was born, a project of life as well as of architecture.

"It was a dull day I think, but the context was pretty borderline, nomadic encampments nearby, no gardens, all in a state of disrepair, but I liked it, it struck me.  Strangely, I’d never noticed this place before, it seems that all of Florence knew about it, when I visited with a friend , Mauro, who thought he could turn it into a workshop for the production of jewelry. It fascinated me." Read more on CharmingItaly.com


A special thanks to Claudio e Alice Nardi, who will be glad to welcome you at Riva Lofts Florence.


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