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Porto Ercole
Famed as one of the most beautiful small towns in Italy, Porto Ercole lies on the eastern side of the Promontory of the Argentario, 40 km south-east of Grosseto. Its charming historic centre, girdled by 15th-century curtain walls, links up to the town by a portal surmounted by a clock tower.  The 15th century bastion which from imposing Piazza di Santa Barbara looks out over the Port, the Governor’s Palace, the polychrome marbles of the Churches of Sant’Erasmo and San Rocco, the profile of a solitary islet fronting the fine beach of the Viste, the 19th-century lighthouse on the cliffs overlooking the city, are just a few of the beautiful sites making Porto Ercole one of Tuscany’s treasure houses. Looking out over the sea, Porto Ercole is the ideal place for a seaside holiday, rich in traditional scents and flavours and unforgettable views just waiting to be discovered.

Not to be missed in Porto Ercole
The Square and Bastion of Santa Barbara
The Churches of Sant’Erasmo and San Rocco
The Port and the waterfront
The Fortresses of Porto Ercole
The coastal Towers

Where to sleep in Porto Ercole
For a holiday immersed in nature, the ideal location is the coast along the Argentario headland: here you will find exclusive hotels set in lush Mediterranean brush growth. As an alternative, try the historic centre, choosing your accommodation amidst the winding alleys of old Porto Ercole.

When to visit Porto Ercole
The summer is the best period to enjoy the crystal-clear sea and lively holiday atmosphere along the coast. July and August, high season, have the highest temperatures, while June and September can offer a more intimate and quieter experience. Spring and autumn are ideal for walks and excursions.

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Porto Ercole (Grosseto)

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 Cocooned in a stunning small bay of the promontory of the Argentario, facing the limpid waters of the sea....
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