Selected by Charming

The Hotels featured by the brand “Selected by Charming” are parts of a precise quality program.


Selected by Charming Tuscany


You will stay in a Hotel chosen for its high standards of quality. It has been visited and selected by the Charming experts and it has been chosen for the worth of the services it can offer you.

2) You will stay in a top Hotel selected among the best, to be the greatest accommodation able to satisfy all your needs. We constantly monitor its performances, to be sure that, with the passage of time, it is able to guarantee you the same high quality services.

3) If you were to have a problem, or you were to believe that the quality of a hotel has changed, we will immediately check and remove the Hotel from ours lists if necessary.

When you see this symbol in the Hotel you’ve selected, you know that it has passed the quality check by Charming.

If you are a Hotel which has already passed our selection, your high standards are guaranteed and supported by us ad our logo Selected by Charming. You can insert it in your website by using this code:


You can take the risk or choose a hotel selected by Charming just as you would have done yourself.

Comfort, satisfaction, serenity.


These are our goals for your stay. Check it now!


Selected by Charming