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Montepulciano is a beautifully preserved medieval town, located just a few kilometres from Umbria, with stunning views over the Val d’Orcia. Montepulciano is a trademark of the Tuscan wine and that, along with the many thermal baths, makes this area the perfect tourist destination, capable of offering the whole package: nature, enogastronomy, culture and well-being.

Places of interest 
The citadel
Piazza Grande
San Biagio Temple
The street of the noble wine of Montepulciano
The Bravio delle Botti

Where to stay in Montepulciano
A hotel in the historic centre of Montepulciano or a country house in the surrounding hills, are both superb places to stay in order to enjoy the enchanted atmosphere of this medieval town.

What is the best time of year to visit Montepulciano?
The Val d’Orcia is a fascinating and colourful scenery that can amaze its visitors every day of the year. Having said that, the very best period to visit the Tuscan countryside is probably the Spring, when the vegetation is greener and brighter and days are long and warm. Autumn could be a good idea too, if you love the warm coulours of the leaves in this season, and the Summer too, if you’re looking for a break from the heat of July and August. 

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Montepulciano (Siena)

From 200 € ( per Room per Night )
"Il Tosco" Hotel is located in the historic centre of Montepulciano, a place also famous for its wines: the "Nobile....
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