Elegant villa in Florentine style in the very heart of the city, nearby the popular square of Santa Croce. During the renaissance, Villa Euterpe was the place to meet, to discuss music, for scientists ad scholars of musical theory, such as Vincenzo Galilei, father or Galileo.

The villa is composed by 3 bedrooms with en suite bathroom  (the Master bedroom with tub while the other bedrooms with shower), day toilet, library, washer and day corner in the lower level; a drawing room, a dining room with leather chairs, fully equipped kitchen, cocktail and coffee bar.

Villa Euterpe is a refined mix among the finest contemporary Italian design and Florentine 1600ер century architectural particulars such as original plasterworks and stones as well as 18th century original frescoes.

The villa is 320 sqm, with very spacious common areas and features Wi-Fi connection, AC, heating,  Wii, internal lift mechanism. Not all bedrooms dispose of a window.

Map Villa Euterpe (ITFIH01)

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